Terms & Delivery

By using this website to buying or commission paintings, you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms.

Delivery to the UK

I offer free package and  “Confirmed” delivery in UK,  or (if requested)  “Guaranteed” delivery for a fixed fee of £12.50 which comes with  £1,000/£2,500 compensation for loss or damage as appropriate. 

Shipping abroad

For shipping abroad (Europe and the rest of the World) I am happy to discuss (via my contact page) the most appropriate and cost effective way to get the painting delivered.


The prices quoted on my website are for the painting only. Most of the time this is not an issue, but please remember that if you do you want to have the right to copy and publish the image even digitally, we will need to discuss an additional fee.


The sizes given are approximate and all paintings come unframed. If you want advice on framing, I am happy to help, but this is usually a very personal choice which depends on where the painting is to be displayed. Framing costs vary enormously and it is worth shopping around.


I will never sell a painting that a buyer is not pleased to take. This means for commissioned work, I may ask for a deposit, but the full price only gets paid when the painting is accepted. Obviously if it is not wanted, it must be returned to me within a reasonable time, not longer than one month, and I will return the full purchase price (inc deposit). For paintings bought off my sale site, the price is paid on check-out. If it is returned to me undamaged within one month I will return the price but not any shipping costs.

Please do discuss any specific concerns you have with me as early as possible so that any problems can be sorted out quickly.

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