I was commissioned to do a flower painting, but on a large scale and in oils – to set off a room in which pink and floral was the main theme. Peonies are beautiful flowers, but they are more delicate than roses which they superficially resemble. An oil painting such as this which was about 60 by 30 inches would be about £3,000 to £5,000.

I have also included a digital drawing of Disa erubescens subsp. carsonii, a terrestrial orchid from the Kipengere plateau in Tanzania which I have also painted in watercolour.  If wild flowers are your thing, this remote region is a world class botanical hot spot, with over 40 terrestrial orchids in abundance - apart from all the other stunning flowers.   Although close to the slightly better known Kitulo plateau, it is in my view even more astonishing.  "Faut le voyage" as the Michelin Guide would say.